Chief Cool Arrow – Chingonomo 8x60x44

Wow, sorry for the delay on this weeks blog guys. Life has been incredibly hectic, trying to find a job and other plans I had tended too. So this monster was given to me from someone on Reddit. Steve from Dapper Cigars. I want to apologize because I was supposed to be writing a review for the Cubo Maduro from Dapper but something came up and I had to put it out and relight it later.. didn’t think it would’ve been a fair review but there is a second Cubo Maduro to be reviewed this up coming Friday! On to the review!

Holy cow, if only this thing came with a bow, even though it can’t be fired properly from a bow, it sure was fired up properly to smoke! So this stick does have a very unique shape… the cigar also had a bit of a spongy, light feel to it for a cigar of its stature. The Chingonomo is a Mexican wrapper with a Honduran binder. The fillers are a mix from the Dominican Republic, Pennsylvania and Nicaragua. It MSRP’s at $14.50. It only had one sizable vein running down the middle.

So upon cutting the cigar, the cold draw had a very citrus heavy taste. It almost tasted like smelling an orange Fanta. Once lit, the citrus notes were definitely in the forefront still. Cocoa and leather were kind of a light after taste along with a small hint of licorice. Definitely picked up on some cedar and black pepper as well.

Quite the tasty cigar. The ash is also holding together very well. Cedar and orange becoming the strongest flavors in this cigar and it is wonderful! I just want to take a moment to point out how beautifully simple this band is also.

As I began to move into the second-third, citrus still took to the front of the flavor. Espresso notes and dark chocolate are beginning to pop up which is tasting more like a Jaffa cake. If you’ve never had one, it is a sweet biscuit with a delicious orange marmalade on top which is covered with a thin chocolate shell.

The closer I got to the end of the second-third, the wrapper started to crack and lift itself up. I was slightly concerned but it didn’t cause a problem like I thought it would. Cedar, espresso, leather and black pepper all become very powerful at this point kind of masking the citrus flavor.

The final third had a very light leather taste. Cedar and dark chocolate still prominent but not as much as the black pepper which I thought became a little too over-powering.

All-in-all, it was a fantastic cigar. The smoke was thick and flavorful. Very well constructed and considering the size it was only a medium strength cigar. It was raining all day with a slight breeze so it made for a nice time to have this cigar. Took about two and a half hours and I give it a 4.25/5 leaves. I highly recommend this stick if you can find one!

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Hey, my name is Zack and I like to smoke cigars! They have been a passion of mine for a little over a year now. I decided that it would make this hobby even more fun if I wrote about my experiences. Enjoy!

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