AJ Hoyo La Amistad Silver – 5.5 x 52

Hey guys! Before I get too far ahead of myself with this blog, I just want to give an honorable mention to Rob at Fox Cigars based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. I am by no means being paid to say this, he was just the first person I purchased from when I first started smoking stoagies and he has killed it with the deals and his customer service is incredible! You can find his website here – https://foxcigar.com

This cigar was good! I smoked it once before and I couldn’t stand it but couldn’t put my finger on why I couldn’t stand it… I am a man of reason, so I decided to give it another chance and what a great decision that was. This cigar is a dark Ecuadorian wrapper with a Nicaraguan filler and binder. It has a sort of hay like smell to it like the original La Amistad.

First Third – The primary notes I got from this cigar are pretty typical to Nicaraguan cigar which was a nice pepper-spice. Another flavor I am very fond of is that lovely, crisp, cedar flavor. There was a hint of grassy tones to it.

Second third – So the second third started to get a lot more interesting, I started to pick up a cracker flavor while smoking the second third. Cocoa started to pick up towards the back of the mouth as well and the black pepper became even more prominent than the first third. Overall so far, the experience with this cigar has been pleasant. Super even burn lines and have not had to retouch it with my torch at all.

Final third – Black pepper was the most prominent flavor towards the end of this cigar. I really like spicy food and I love the spice from Nicaraguan based cigars. Also was picking up some notes of leather which kind of helps mute the mega spice that some people don’t care for.

Overall, the smoke was very smooth and the ash was beautiful throughout. The aroma was kind of nice also, not super harsh. It was a gorgeous afternoon in the high 70’s and I got to watch a family of cardinals hop around in their nest about 5 feet away.

I give this cigar a 4/5 leaves. A pleasant surprise and I’m glad I gave it a second chance.

Once again, thank you Rob for selling this sampler at an awesome price and if you haven’t already, everyone should totally check out his awesome business!

– Zack

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Hey, my name is Zack and I like to smoke cigars! They have been a passion of mine for a little over a year now. I decided that it would make this hobby even more fun if I wrote about my experiences. Enjoy!

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