2-fer Blog! Drew Estate Papas Fritas and AJ Hoyo La Amistad!

Hey guys! Just want to say thank you to the already consistent viewers who read this blog, it’s truly awesome knowing that there are already so many of you who enjoy what I’m writing about. Also don’t expect these 2-fer blogs all the time, I will just have a lot going on tomorrow and then I’ll be going to New Orleans all next week and I wanted to have something to make up for a lack of a blog next Friday…

So I had recently found some Papas Fritas at my local B&M which was very exciting! So the Papas Fritas uses a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro with a Brazilian Mata Fina binder and a Nicaraguan and Honduran blend for its filler. It is a smaller cigar as seen in the picture below at 4.5 x 44. While small, it surely packs quite the flavor punch!

During the first third of the cigar, I got a lot of caramel and a slight char to it. The aroma of it was kind of cinnamon like as well. The taste of flowers was kind of a hint to the back of my tongue, maybe not floral but just a sweetness.. Honey? I guess we could call it honey. There was a slight bite also kind of like a cardamom-esque taste that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Second third changed slightly and opened up to a roast coffee flavor with a cool leather afterthought. Caramel is still pretty prominent in this cigar throughout this lovely experience. Black pepper is sneaking its way onto my tastebuds but it isn’t terrorizing them which is nice. The taste of leather is now becoming most prominent towards the end of the second third followed close behind by the black pepper.

Final third was short and sweet, all that was tasted was BP (I think I’ll start saying this now, less to type) and yes you guessed it, leather! Overall it was a lovely experience on a nice cool night. I paid $6 and it was totally worth it, giving the French Fries a 4.5/5 leaves.

Next up is the AJ Hoyo La Amistad! During my first blog, I said how cigars can be one dimensional and still be wonderful to the tastebuds and this was one of those times where that statement strikes true. The wrapper is a very pretty Ecuadorian Habano with splendid construction. The rest of the cigar are a blend of tobaccos from the Esteli, Condega and Jalapa regions of Nicaragua. The cold draw was hay-like and sweet like a raisin. Throughout the entire smoking of this stoagie, all I tasted was hay. The fact that I didn’t have a single burn issue and just how consistent the cigar kept its flavor was so relaxing. I didn’t have to sit there and focus on distinctions, I found the one and I could just enjoy the great company that I had while smoking it! This cigar took me about an hour and fifty-five minutes to complete. I smoked the sucker to the nub because that’s what it deserved. I give this cigar a 4/5 leaves.

Sorry about the lack of picture in this blog, I get so caught up in the cigars that I forget to snap a few pics now and again. Here is a picture of my cats to make up for the lack of cigar shots.

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Hey, my name is Zack and I like to smoke cigars! They have been a passion of mine for a little over a year now. I decided that it would make this hobby even more fun if I wrote about my experiences. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “2-fer Blog! Drew Estate Papas Fritas and AJ Hoyo La Amistad!”

  1. Excellent posting as always, and great reviews! I’m not complaining at all about the 2-fer, but IIRC in WordPress you can pre-write a blog post and schedule it to post at a later specified date and time. That may not have been an option for you at this time, but may be an option later on if you have the chance to pile up a few reviews and want your content to be on a regular schedule.

    I’ll have to check out the Papas Fritas, sounds like it’s right up my alley. Thanks again for taking the time to do this!

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    1. Yeah after I wrote this one I saw that I could do that, the Hoyo La Amistad I didn’t think warranted a full blog so I kinda threw it in as a freebie cause why not.

      Writing a new blog to do just that for next Friday though! Thanks!

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