First blog – Kristoff Kristania Maduro 5.5×60

Hey guys, Zack here! Please excuse any grammatical errors and run on sentences; I am not an English professor. So a little background on me, I have had depression and anxiety for the large majority of my life and I still do. I was turned towards cigars by my fiancée’s dad about a year ago. I have to say, as an avid gamer, I used to use the alternate reality’s of games as an escape from my problems but once the monitor was off, they just came back to me. Cigars have been almost therapeutic for me though because I am able to really think about things that are bothering me and I can also focus on the outside surroundings and the cigar itself.

Anything I say in these blogs I want you all to take it with a grain of salt. I am still learning a lot every day when it comes to cigars. There are so many different brands that are good and bad. Also there can be very complex cigars like the one I am going to review or they can be very one-dimensional like other cigars that I have had. But just because a cigar can be one-dimensional, does not mean that it is bad!

Just as most people do I will break the cigar down into thirds -first, second and third. I want this blog to be about more than just cigars though, I will be sharing my initial thoughts and ending thoughts along with the atmosphere in which I smoked the stoagie and any pairings I had with it. On to the cigar…

Initial thoughts were that it was constructed very well! Wrapped nicely and no visible, large veins in the outer wrapper. The head of the cigar has a nice sweetness to it but also earthy so I relate it to that of a raisin. The band of the cigar has a nice minimalistic and dark color to it which I also enjoyed.

Cold draw and First third were very nice if I might say so myself. So the cold draw was very open which could also be because of my cut which was an straight cut with a guillotine cutter. The cold draw flavor was almost grape like but leaning more towards wine. The first third when I lit it, wasn’t the most complex third but still more complex than the final third. I kept getting a molasses/raisin flavor and some spicy qualities at first which I attributed to white pepper. The longer I worked on the first third, it became more clear that I was tasting cardamom and clove kind of like a nice chai tea.

The cigar got really fun during its second third. The first part of the second was a nice bitterness like espresso but also more cardamom heavy. As I got further into, I started to notice a dark chocolate flavor and then that turned into a black cherry flavor. I was drinking a diet cola with this cigar which changed that cherry/dark chocolate flavor into those tasty maraschino chocolate covered cherries. It was very tantalizing to my tastebuds as I haven’t been able to usually discern flavors like this before!

The final third is going to be a short description because then it becomes one-dimensional for me. All I got from it was strong black pepper and a hint of that chocolate covered cherries. Way more pepper though and it became overwhelming to my senses and not as enjoyable to continue smoking so I had to put it out halfway thru the last third.

Overall, the cigar was really nice. It was priced at about $7 at my local B&M which I believe to be a fair price for the cigar. The nicotine strength kind of snook up on me and knocked me over a bit towards the final third but it wasn’t terrible. The weather was a nice high 70’s to low 80’s with a wonderful breeze. I give this stick a 4/5 leaves.

Apologies for the long first read, I will try to formulate my thoughts about cigars a bit better in the future and I hope you were able to take something away from this blog!

– Zack

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Hey, my name is Zack and I like to smoke cigars! They have been a passion of mine for a little over a year now. I decided that it would make this hobby even more fun if I wrote about my experiences. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “First blog – Kristoff Kristania Maduro 5.5×60”

    1. Hey I kind of did with the Diet Coke I was drinking with it. They actually complimented each other very well.

      I just had an Illusione Rothchildes with an IPA today and I’ll be writing it up to post this Friday hopefully!


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